Hiring a Web hosting company to manage your website can be easy since there are lot of options. But choosing the right one to be reliable and experienced can be a tedious task. Here are some of the factors that you have to verify before committing to web hosting company.


  • Reliability and Speed of access

The host must be highly reliable and ensure that the site has a uptime (Functional time) of above 99.5% or even higher. Anything less than 99.5% is unreliable and must be sort out with a refund or discount.

Question whether the server is overloaded by more than one website since it can reduce the loading time of the site and in turn reduce your ratings on search engines.


  • Experience of the company

A new hosting company will be desperate and take up any work and assure with results for a very moderate cost. The lack of experience can always be a factor and affect your business by ruining your site. Hence, verify clearly the experience and previous client testimonials if possible before choosing a host for your site.


  • Disk space

A new site requires only a very small disk space(about 20MB) since it has lesser traffic. But some hosts might urge you to take up “Unlimited” space which will eventually be wasted and increase the costs. So, be sure to state the exact amount of disk space you need instead of going for unusually large space.


  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred when someone browses your site. Most new sites need a average bandwidth of 3GB to 4GB er month. Similar to disk space, it is useless to opt for unlimited bandwidth and pay a overpriced bill.

Look clearly into the policy statements and agreements which can conflict with most of the verbal promises.


  • Is tech support available?

Just because a host advertises that they provide tech support 24/7, it doesn’t have be to perfectly true. One must be sure that the hosts have someone working 365 days including weekends and public holidays. Any inconvenience caused by the technical support team can indirectly affect your company since they represent you and your esteemed business.


  • Site security

You should be very clear about the security of the site. You must inquire about the visibility of your files to the other people hosted in the same server. You must have the basic knowledge about security and firewalls to make sure that there aren’t any security concerns.


  • Price

Price is always a matter in any business deal. You must be very sure about the approximate costs, what you are paying for, discounts and other extra charges if space or bandwidth is exceeded.


  • SSL

If you are going to have money transactions on the site, then you must inquire the host about the option of having SSL for safety gateway payments. It involves having a third party like paytm, paypal etc doing the transactions on your behalf. This is an important concern since it involves sensitive information of the customers like bank details. This is a crucial factor if you are selling goods or services online.


  • Time gap between backups

You must make sure that the site is backed up at least once everyday. Also check for the storage space and the level of access you will be provided for looking back into the backup files.


  • Email receiving and Autoresponding

Corroborate with the host whether all the emails will be forwarded to your current official mail Id and if there will autoresponders, which will reply to the emails with a preset message.

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