The SEO practices has been changing so often since it’s introduction. It is very difficult to keep track of the changes as well as the facts about why it is always updating.


  • Only #1 page has success

It is a very common myth that the site, which is at the first position, has a lot of success when it is compared to the second and third position. But the statistical study done on clicks and user behavior has shown that the sites, which are featured on the first three pages, have almost the same amount of traffic. The traffic on all the sites, on the first page are the same.

This fact doesn’t mean it is not good to be #1. It is just not important to develop new data and update contents too often if you are already in the top pages. You will have guaranteed success if you are in any of the top three pages of the search engines.


  • Content Volume matters

The volume of the content used to matter before the introduction of SEO. The rankings on the search engines used to depend on the amount of content and not the quality. This allowed people to fill the sites with irrelevant content just to get higher rankings.

But with SEO, there is serious checking on the quality of the content with special algorithms like Google Panda. This checks your content and provides rankings based on quality. If you have good content, then your ranking will not be negatively impacted by this algorithm.


  • More links equal high ranking

The most basic question asked while designing a website is ‘What should I invest in? Link building or quality content? Both the actions have its own importance in case of building a website. When it comes to SEO, the quality of the content is more significant than building links.

Link building used to be based on quantity in the early days, and the rankings were also based on it. This had the same effect as content as people started building links that were completely irrelevant to their site. But nowadays, its more acceptable to have few links of high quality and more information and to focus more on optimizing your content, which is of prime importance for search engine rankings.


  • A secure site is not mandatory

“https” is a secure version of “http”, which is the protocol over which data is transferred between client and server. Google has openly stated that it will provide higher ranking to websites that use “https”. It has become very important even if you are not handling sensitive data like bank details, etc.

Hence, it is mandatory to use the secure version if you have to be on the top pages of any search engines.


  • Getting quick results

It is not a fact that you can easily get higher rankings if you optimize your website. Even if you completely change your website content and provide a high quality content and good links, it will take some substantial time to achieve better rankings on search engines.

The search engines provide high priority to the websites, which are already present and consists of indexed pages which have been viewed by users so often. Hence, you have to be patient to get your deserved rankings, once you have updated your content. Even if you don’t see an immediate surge in traffic, you will notice a steady increase eventually.


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