The core technologies that are needed for creating any websites include HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Everyone who is involved in web development must be aware of these terms since they are working with them everyday. But it is important that everyone who is involves with a web design company also have a basic knowledge on what these terms are. Here, we provide a simple guide to understand these terms even if you are not familiar with them.


“The contents that you read or view on a web page is presented by HTML”  HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is the standard language for creating web pages and applications. In simple terms, HTML is a computer language that is used by the browser to view your website to the user. HTML allows you to add texts, images, animations, links and videos to the web page. Any content present on the web page has a building block in the HTML version. HTML is the root of the website design.


 “The looks and the feel is given by CSS through color,font and style”  CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it determines the looks of your website. The colors, fonts and style are completely controlled by the CSS. HTML and CSS go hand in hand in developing a good looking website. CSS allows you to chose the font color, font size, font type, mouse-over effects and every visual aspects of the website. In case of WordPress design, then the Editor option can be used to visually edit the look of your website.  


 “The interactive web design is handled by JavaScript”  JS stands for JavaScript and it is a simple programming language to create interactive websites. JavaScript is used as client-side scripting language and it is the only language that most popular browsers support for interactive and dynamic designs. As a client-side language, JavaScript only works within the browser window. It cannot retrieve, create, or store data on the server, it can only manipulate things within the browser. Some examples of JS usage are, *Animation of page elements, fading them in and out, resizing them, moving them, etc. *Interactive content, for example games, and playing audio and video.


“The functionality of the website is controlled by PHP” PHP stands for Personal Home Page and it is a server-side scripting language. It is the script of language that makes the website function. If you click on Gallery icon, then the PHP script helps in the function of opening the gallery with images based on the request. The foundation of any site is a PHP script linked with a HTML file. Nowadays, PHP has gained popularity as a language for back-end Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla.

Analogy to a House

For easy understanding, we can draw these concepts to various aspects of a house. This is one of the simplest ways to explain these terms.   HTML – Structure of the house(layouts of rooms/shape of the construction) CSS – Decorations added to the house (Paint color, furniture, wall hangings) JS – Light switches, Door hinges (Front-end) PHP – Electrical wiring, Plumbing (Back-end)  

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