Launching a new website is a difficult and a time-consuming process. There are many parts in the process, which has to done step by step and very carefully if you want to end up with a satisfying and perfect website.

With the latest technology, there are a variety of different ways to create a website and thousands of designs to make it attractive. However, there is a professional standard that has to be maintained if you are running a business, which we are not going to discuss here.

Here, we are presenting a short checklist of things which has to verified before launching any website. The following include:


  • Content

The content is the heart and core of any website. Even if you provide glossy designs, the lack of quality content can be hurtful. This is a simple check list to go through on any content before hosting the site.

  1. Verify grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. Check the formatting of the headings and other texts.
  3. Check if the contact details are correct.
  4. Check if the audio and video files are compatible to all devices and are working properly.
  5. Check if the rights to contents like texts, fonts and images are licensed.
  6. If you are missing content in even one page, you should not launch your site.
  7. If you are hiring someone to write the content, be aware of plagiarism.


  • Design

The next step is to verify the design and ensure that it is perfect. Nowadays, responsive web design has become a trend as well as mandatory for higher SEO rankings. Hence, check the design across all possible devices like mobile phones, PC, tablets, etc.

  • The web design must be responsive (Compatible across all devices).
  • The web design must be compatible across all web browsers.
  • CSS/HTML must be rechecked.
  • Check if the Favicons are present and working.
  • Check if Auto-responders are working.
  • Check if 404 error redirect pages are working.

  • SEO

SEO has gained a major importance since the search engine rankings directly corresponds to the traffic to the site. Every website must be optimized with top quality content and necessary link building before being launched. Some of the basic SEO steps to be checked are:

  • Check if the titles are unique and eye-catching.
  • Check for the use of important keywords.
  • Metadata is properly in place for any social media sharing content.
  • Check for quality of the content, which has the highest significance in search engine
  • Check if spelling and grammar are correct in all metadata.


  • Security & Backup

Security to a website is highly important, and it reflects in the rankings as well quality of the website. If you have services, which require transferring sensitive information, then security plays a vital role. These are some security measures to be taken before launching the site,

  • Final website has a copy backed up in the server.
  • Plan for Regular backup of website (This should be backed up at least once a day).
  • Store sensitive data like bank details, passwords in a secure database.
  • If you are using wordpress, you can install plugin to automatically backup your data.


  • Legal Pages

The pages regarding the legal measures like terms and conditions, Privacy and Refund policy, must be featured in the website. If you are using WordPress, this task becomes a little easier since you will have a plugin for uploading Auto Terms and Conditions.


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