A Brochure is a common marketing tool that consists of few pages containing pictures and information about a company or a product or a service. Even with the uprising use of digital methods for marketing and communicating, the feel of reading something printed attractively on a piece of paper cannot be matched.

A good brochure must be simple and easy to navigate through and the important information must be presented in an eye-catching format.

What do you gain by using brochures?

Brochures have never lost their touch in years and they have always

  • Targeted marketing

Brochures are so handy because it is an efficient way to target your audience. It can be so helpful for small companies in case of door to door distribution or for any large events as well. They can also be placed in variety of locations which attract large number of people or given away along with promotional giveaways or free merchandise.

  • Holds lots of information

Though the brochure is designed for few pages, it can be crafted to hold a lot of information with shrewd layouts. They effectively convey more information than any other media like emails, flyers, letters or postcards.

  • Versatile

Unlike postcards or mails, brochures are not handicapped. They can be used at any location or events or even transferred in digital form through emails, websites or blogs.

  • Not ignored easily

In case of mails, they can be filtered as spams and in case of postcards, they cannot have sufficient information. This leads directly to brochures which cannot be ignored easily if the designs and contents are in an attractive fashion.

  • Cost effective

If the brochures are printed in bulk, then they are cost effective. This is a prime advantage why the small companies are also into designing brochures for elevating their brand name. Well designed brochures which are printed professionally are cheaper when compared to the spike in revenues they can bring.

What are the other Similar services we offer?

 In addition to brochure design, we could also assist you with

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Based out of Chicago, Bever Digital Designs is the perfect place to design and develop your brochures which will make a great impression even in this digital world. With our designs, we guarantee that your brochure will be noticed more often and there will be a noticeable increase in sales. Our Brochures shows off your ideas and creates a standard brand image for your company in an effective way.


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