Brand Advocates – “The missing link in your Business Growth”

Who are they?

Brand advocate are some highly satisfied customers. They are good enough to share a word or two about a particular product or service that they used. Brand Advocates can be 50% more effective than an average customer. They spend more than others because they are highly interested in your product.

In a way, they are just free sales reps who will be spreading the news about the quality of a service or product that they experienced.


Where do they share the information?

Brand advocates are useful for their ability to share more information than others and willingness to talk about a brand. In this modern world, there are many ways to approach a person to share information. The few ways in which Brand Advocates share information are:


  • Social media

Social media has become a platform for sharing any information. If a customer is satisfied with the service, then can can post their experience on their own timeline or post it in groups for others to see. At some point, one customer draws in thousands of customers.


  • Reviews on e-Commerce sites

Every e-Commerce site provides an option for a customer. This is someone who has a particular product to comment about, which will be published in their site. This is great place to share information and reviews about the product. This review will be specific to that individual product.

  • Word of mouth

Another way of communicating about a brand or service or product is the most commonly used and the oldest way, which is Word of Mouth. When in a family union, party, wedding, meetings, etc., one will take the opportunity to share about some experience they had and how a product made one’s experience more significant.

Thus, The Brand advocates can draw in more cash in which you will not have to pay anything at all. The only requirement to get a brand advocate is to have a quality brand.


How are they more effective than Influencers?

Influencers are people who have the power to influence many people towards a product by endorsing it. An influencer can be a celebrity, journalist, blogger or anyone who has a mass following who will be ready to try a product if they suggest it.

The main difference between a Brand Advocate and an Influencer is that the BrandAadvocates are extremely passionate and loyal to the brand. This is because they have experienced the quality of it. But the Influencers are doing it for money, so they are not as effective as Brand Advocates are. The Brand Advocates are completely trusted by their family and friends who will confidently try a product they ask them to. This is the reason why Brand Advocates have brought in about 6 trillion dollars of profit every year.



Though this is an effective way to increase the sales, there are a few challenges that makes Brand Advocacy a bit difficult. Some of the challenges are:

  • It is very difficult to identify the Brand Advocates.
  • It will be hard to constantly stay in touch with them.
  • Providing new marketing updates to them can be a bit tricky.


How to transform customers to Brand Advocates?

It is not simple to transform customers to Brand Advocates. There are some steps, which can be very helpful for this transformation.

  • Provide fast and quality service (Basic rule).
  • Provide allowances for referring someone.
  • Surprise loyal customers with special offers and discounts.
  • Provide exclusive sneak peeks on new products to loyal customers.
  • Ask customer feedback and act on it.


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