Marketing strategies have been changing with time. It has always been in the state of evolution or transformation based on trends. When the internet was introduced, people used to wait in queue to use it. It had to face a loading time of a few minutes. But nowadays, if the loading time is more than few seconds, you lose most of the traffic to your site.

This shows the change in human behavior over time. Therefore, the ways to promote your product or services to get the attention of the customers have also changed. Here, we look at few commonly used methods that were employed in the 90’s and compare them with the present ideas.


The 90’s Nostalgia


  • Television

Television was a great source for marketing in the 90’s, though, it was not in everyone’s home at that time. People used to have 20 to 30 seconds advertisements on television especially during main sporting events like Racing, Golf or other tournaments. In 1994, about 20% of the advertising income in US was through television.


  • Newspaper

Newspaper was the major customer acquisition strategy in the 90’s. Newspapers became most common in every home since it was the only way to know what is going on in the world. Newspapers revenue peaked to almost 20 billion dollars during this time. The newspapers either had printed advertisements or flyers, which was the main source of the ad.


  • Yellow pages

Yellow pages is a kind of telephone directory, which had the phone numbers of the companies offering various services like plumbing to share investing. Everyone had a copy of this at their homes, and it always came to use at some point in time.


  • Bill boards

Bill boards were places in public places to draw the attention. This increased the curiosity of the customers about a brand or product. It was not an effective method since it was placed in a few places, and only a few people could see. The cost of having a billboard was a bit high for an extremely small audience.


The Present Evolution


  • Mobile Marketing

In the year 2016, the internet usage on mobile phones overtook the usage on computers. Mobile phone marketing gets you directly into the hands of the user in different forms like using SMS, web marketing ads, ads in game applications, etc. There are millions of mobile phone users that give you millions of potential customers.


  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is a cheap and easy mode of marketing nowadays. It is easy to get the attention of millions of people through attractive pictures, creative videos etc. There are many platforms which connects almost everyone across the globe.


  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses key people in the particular field or people who have much following them in order to endorse their brand. Influencers can attract lot of attention digitally or through social media. Influencers have the ability to change the opinions of people regarding a particular product.


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