Social media has become the most used idea for marketing due to the large volume of audience and low cost. Though promoting businesses through social media can gain you lot of sales, there is a fine line which shouldn’t be crossed if you need to have repeated visitors.

Most of the people are sensitive and easily trusting which makes them lose their confidence in your on your first negative act. This would not only reduce the particular person from returning to your page but also reduce your followers since news spreads fast on social media.

Therefore, we are putting forth few things you should not do while sharing business content on social media, which include:


  • Irrelevant and Misleading information

Just because a topic goes viral at that particular moment, it is not mandatory that you have to post about it. Such actions would lead to filling of the page with lots of irrelevant stuff and the viewers can lose the major information about the products and services.

Another important reason that a business has lots of followers is ‘Trust’. By posting contents that are not verified or just posting fake offers and news for publicity can lead to the lose of trust which eventually leads to losing customers.


  • Too much or Too less content

The real reason a person follows a business page is to know about the products and services which they provide or to know about any new updates on the businesses. By posting too much content, you can bore the viewers and make them unfollow you or by posting personal information about you can also make people lose interest in the brand.

Having too less content is also an issue since people want to know about an entire topic from a single page. They will not be interested if they have to go through many pages just to know about a small thing. Having insufficient content can frustrate the users when they are completely satisfied with the other contents. Missing vital information like websites, phone numbers can disconnect your link to your viewers.


  • Negative posts about clients or customers

If you are not satisfied with a particular client or customers, you need not post your experience on social media. It could damage the trust of your present as well as future customers.

You should not post anything at the emotional moment which could lead to a lot of feelings pouring out about the clients. The only positive way to approach such an issue on social media is to post some ways to overcome such an issue in the future or simply just let it go.


  • Profanity

One should represent his own standard in a business page. Even if its comments or posts that is in any social site, it is very important that the owner maintains his composure while answering any queries or posting an information. You should be aware that not everyone are fans of your dark jokes or cuss words. Therefore, you should project your brand in a respectful and professional manner even if its just Social media since you are approaching millions of potential clients.


  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been increasing a lot since the the advent of social media. People steal from the Facebook posts, comments, blogs and tweets just to get some traffic towards their site. Posting some contents from other blogs without giving credits to them can frame your company as a plagiarist which is not a good name to have if you are running a business. This could affect the nature of communication between a client and a business man.



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