UI Design

UI design stands for User Interface design is the design of user interfaces for machines and software so as to make the user interaction simple and easy.

UX Design

UX design stands for User Experience design which means to enhance the usability and accessibility of the software so that the experience of the user with the machine is more satisfying.

Simple Analogy

If you consider Horse riding, UI corresponds to the saddle and reigns while UX corresponds to the feeling you get when you ride the Horse. UI helps to enhance the UX which implies that UI is also a part of UX.

Why should you let us design for you?

Bever Digital Designs is recognized for its vast experience and creative skills in UI/UX designs. We help you in engaging your audience with attractive and amazing graphics so as to create an astounding first impression.

Our designers are passionate about creating beautiful applications, websites or software that can help you improve your sales and scale your business to a higher level. We strive to create applications that are not only known for its functionality but also for its attractiveness and ease of navigation which are of prime importance for any UX design.

How our Applications standout?

Some of the features that makes any applications developed from BDD stand out from its competitors are,

  • BDD develops apps which have high functionality and also available at an affordable cost.
  • We simplify the complex actions and provide easy usability.
  • We create engaging interfaces which provide simple and clear communication between users and technology.
  • We build applications that look appealing in all devices.


What are the skills we possess?

BDD has been on top of the list in UX design companies because we combine a certain set of skills and unimaginable knowledge and experience to develop magnificent designs. Some of the skills we possess are,


  • UX Research

Our designers are passionate about UX design and they keep themselves up to date with regular research on new updates on software, concepts and ideas. They also research the tastes, preferences, looks which are in trend and which the customers are attracted to the most which will enable them to create unique but catchy designs.


  • Visual communication

Visual communication is the heart of UX design. Our designers are well versed in visual communication which would help them to create impressive designs which will be a feast for the eyes and divert the customers into the website or application.


  • Combination

UX design is not a vital tool on its own. We combine all the steps in the development process and maintain transparency within the team and also with the clients so that the various steps like coding, designing, marketing etc can be done on the whole rather than individually. This collaboration could help a lot in the success of the design and satisfaction of the clients


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