Marketing any business online is very cheap and easy using the latest developments in social media, SEO etc. Gaining the attention of the customer can be very tough. People nowadays don’t care much about the wide variety of offline options which help in improving the sales.

There are many ways by which one can effectively divert mass traffic into your website. Some of the common methods are,

  • Cross-promoting Networking party

Plan and invite a group of business owners in the surrounding area and you can ask them to cross-promote your products or services. This could make other business owner’s customers get aware or may be interested in your business.

You can also conduct trade shows or other related events through which can get in touch with targeted audience. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been an efficient method for marketing and it is still a successful strategy.

  • Brochures/Flyers

Brochures or Flyers can be more effective than online marketing since you can hand them over to people or post them in public areas or bill boards. In case of an email campaign, they can be filtered and send to spam but it is not the same in case of physical marketing strategies like brochures.

The main advantage of using brochures is that you will be able to hold a lot of information in a small space. If the design is done elegantly, then it can play a very important role in improving your revenues.

  • Vehicle Decals

Presenting intriguing decals having your website on your business vehicles can be a very effective method for marketing. If there is on business vehicles then you can do the same in your private vehicle or public transportation.

By using a bit of creativity on your vehicle, you can easily draw the attention of people to your website, thereby improving the traffic to your site. Even a normal drive to the grocery store can get you customers.

  • Freebies

This is one of the best and classic ways to obtain customers or make someone aware of the existence of your product. Everyone loves free products. You can run a campaign and provide a limited number of your products for free which would let people use them and experience the quality. These people will not only become repeated customers but also will reference your product to their friends and neighbors.

You can also provide promotional materials such as pens, mouse pads, coffee mugs, hats etc with your company logo and site which can attract high attention.

  • Business cards

Whenever you meet a new person, they always inquire about what you do. You can use this opportunity to provide them with a exquisite business card that holds the basic information/services about your business.

By letting your friends, family and employees distribute the business cards, you can reach the hands of thousands of people who can be potential customers. The important aspect is to ensure that the design is enchanting, and you provide it to a target audience.

Offline marketing ideas are limitless and you can make use of them at a very low cost which would reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Though some of the methods are very old, they are still very productive in this digital world.

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